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Welcome to the podcast where it’s time to talk about talk therapy.

We’ll spend an hour giving you two therapist’s point of view both in and out of sessions, share unfiltered stories from our community, and therapize those tough situations to help you thrive.  

We’re Maddy and Jen, two NYC-based therapists who have decided to swap the couch for the mic and give you a weekly glimpse into life from the clinician’s perspective. We each help hundreds of clients a week through our practices and we thought we’d sit down to share stories and insights about the multitude of highs and lows we all face in our 20s and 30s—from heartbreak to city living to career moves to self-confidence—and what we can realistically do to turn the page with each day.

Cozy up and tune in as we bring you a raw take on our personal journeys as clinical professionals and decade-long friends.

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