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…Are We Okay? hosts Dr. Madelaine Ellberger, LCSW and Jennifer Teplin, LCSW have nearly two decades of combined therapy experience and they want to let you in on a little secret: hardships, setbacks, and WTF moments pop up in everyone’s lives. That’s why they’re here—because it’s time to talk about talk therapy. 

Between their clinical sessions and their day-to-day living in The Big Apple, they’ve learned that life has ups and downs no matter if you’re the one sitting in the therapist chair or if you’re the one on the therapy couch. So they thought: why not chat, laugh, and connect through those stories of growth and difficult moments? Together with the production and clinical help of their respective practices, Downtown Behavioral Wellness and Manhattan Wellness, …Are We Okay? was born to empower listeners and remind them that community is our transformative superpower. 

Time to Check In With The Clinician Power Duo

Join Maddy and Jennifer each week as they share:

  • Tips on how to deal with the issues we all face in our 20s and 30s

  • Stories not only from their own experiences in and out of therapy sessions but also from …Are We Okay? listeners 

  • Exclusive insights around modern mental health care from two girlboss therapists

  • Unfiltered conversation that will have you laugh crying knowing someone else out there actually understands

Meet Maddy, or more commonly known by her clients as Dr. Ellberger, founder of Downtown Behavioral Wellness, a robust therapy practice established in supporting clients no matter where they are in their therapeutic journey. As a clinician with nearly a decade of experience and expertise in a handful of evidence-based modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), Maddy has crafted her therapeutic style to be a blend of bold, analytical, thoughtful, and effective. Even with back-to-back client sessions every day, Maddy still emerges as a thought leader in the mental health care space and has been featured on a handful of podcasts like The World’s First Podcast with Erin & Sara Foster, The Blonde Files, Going Mental with Eileen Kelly, and Health Home Hustle, among dozens of others. She is living proof that even a busy NYC therapist can thrive and empower others both in sessions and as a trendy city gal always on the go.



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We have been a speaker at 3 events before we decided to start our podcast!


We've traveled to all the continents and the north still holds our hearts.


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Meet Jennifer, founder and clinical director of Manhattan Wellness, a boutique psychotherapy practice in NYC that’s on a mission to support the young professionals’ experience. Jennifer’s proficient expertise in a variety of modalities such as CBT, interpersonal, and Gottman (to name a few) as well as her clinical background pairs perfectly with her authentic interest in the well-being of others. But don’t be fooled by her gentle guidance—Jennifer is still a force to be reckoned with who exudes strength and conviction in any situation (and yes, we mean every situation, including the end of her third trimester). Jennifer empowers the entire team at Manhattan Wellness, which includes over 20 clinicians and clinical interns, to bring a transformative outlook to therapy to positively impact their clients’ lives. No wonder Jennifer has received considerable recognition through features in Oprah, Cosmopolitan, NBC, and Huffington Post, among others. 



ennifer Teplin, LCSW

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